Gastroscopy is by far the most accurate way to diagnose stomach ulcers in horses. The process is simple and non invasive. It involves passing a long scope into the stomach of a sedated horse. The stomach ulcers are easily identified and graded on the spot. A treatment plan can then be put together depending on the findings.

Stomach ulcers are very common in horses, affecting up to 60% of sport horses and 90% of racehorses.

Symptoms include poor performance, bad behaviour under saddle or when tacking up, poor appetite, weight loss, colic, dull coat or difficulty maintaining condition.

If you are worried about your horse having stomach ulcers please give us a call to arrange a gastroscope or to speak to one of our vets. We charge $300 for the gastroscope, sedation and consultation.

If you are wanting to book an appointment please call Golden Plains Equine on 03 5292 2151